Bristow Manor Golf Club Scorecard

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Hole #1

Hole 1 is a par 4 straight out with O.B. on the right and high grass on the left. To carry the left fairway bunker from the Black Tees is 175 yards. The optimal shot is a left to right tee shot with a fairway wood at 185 yards, leaving 133 yards into the green.


Hole #2

Hole 2 is a par 4 with a fairway wide enough to land a DC-10. A hazard runs down the right side of the rough with a small creek 20 yards short of the green, which runs the length of the hole.


Hole #3

Hole 3 is a par 3 over water. Any shot left of the green has the potential of careening left into the high grass or into the woods.


Hole #4

Hole 4 is a difficult par 5 with a lay-up tee shot of 235 yards to stay short of a large stream, and a 215-yard shot to stay in the fairway. The second shot is to a tight fairway with a large pond on the right and hazard on the left side of the hole.


Hole #5

Hole 5 is a straight uphill par 4 with high grass coming into play on the left side, starting at 225 yards and onto the green. The smart shot is to favor the right side of the fairway on your tee shot and the left side of the green for your approach to avoid two bunkers guarding the right side.


Hole #6

Hole 6 is another par 5 with a lay-up tee shot of 265 yards to stay short of the large stream. From there it’s 245 yards to the end of the fairway. The smart second shot is controlled to guard against a hook that might land in the pond that moves around the backside of the green.


Hole #7

Hole 7 is the number one handicap hole for Bristow Manor and voted as one of the top 10 toughest holes in Northern Virginia by News Channel 8. A dogleg right over a pond that comes into play on the right side of the fairway, with O.B. right of the pond. The second shot is to an elevated green surrounded by three large bunkers with high grass bordering the backside.


Hole #8

Hole 8 is an under-rated hole–a par 3 over a stream with trees narrowing the chute. The hole plays to an elevated green surrounded by three pot bunkers with yardages ranging from 196 to 258 yards from the back tees.


Hole #9

Hole 9 is a dogleg left with trees guarding the left side of the fairway, preventing a cut shot and favoring golfers who draw the ball. But beware: draw it too much or hook it and the pond on the right side of the fairway comes into play. The smart second shot is to a green that slopes back to front and is flanked by a large bunker on its right side.


Hole #10

Hole 10 is a dogleg right uphill to an elevated green. The right side of the fairway has three pot bunkers not visible from the tee, which could leave you with a tough second shot from a bunker for anyone trying to cut the corner.


Hole #11

Hole 11 is one of our signature holes. Golfers tee off from an elevated box onto one of the largest and flattest greens on the course, guarded by two large bunkers in the front.


Hole #12

Hole 12 has a split fairway and is fairly open for a big tee shot. We recommend laying up a shot to the 100-yard marker for a full wedge into a tightly guarded, two-tiered green.


Hole #13

Hole 13 is located along the woods, which encourages golfers to aim their tee shots down the right side, bringing the bunker and the high grass into play. The elongated green has both left and right bunkers, leaving the front open for a rolling second shot to sneak on.


Hole #14

Hole 14 is a par 3 with high grass on the right side and a large bunker on the left. Fairly high rough in the front encourages a high shot to clear the trouble, which makes it nearly impossible to bounce a short tee shot onto the green.


Hole #15

Hole 15 is a par 4 along the road with a bunker on the left near the start of the fairway, and a pond on the right. A large bunker and grassy knolls guard the front of the green, making the flag visible only from your second shot.


Hole #16

A precise tee shot is all that stands between you and a chance for birdie or the potential for a snowman on Hole 16. The optimal tee shot is a cut 255 yards out, which leaves either a short iron for a lay-up or a long fairway wood to go for the green. The right side of the first fairway is guarded by heavy pines, a creek, and a pond. The fairway continues to the left onto the green, which allows you to run a second shot onto the green for a potential Eagle.


Hole #17

A short par 4, Hole 17 is a slight dogleg right. The fairway ends at 250 yards, which encourages some players to lay-up with a fairway wood for the perfect lie, giving them the opportunity to spin the ball and control distance.


Hole #18

Hole 18 is our most picturesque, its backdrop being our elegant historic Manor House. Beware the left—the largest pond on the course comes into play from both your tee shot and second shot. The right side of the fairway is guarded by three bunkers, which leaves a second shot 150 from the sand to the green, with the water on your left and a deep bunker on the right—nowhere to bail out.

Champ36844217056241255746723840436203972015584011883955253884293482710274.1 / 143
Back34740816254138551745521739434263852015383771723795113624193344677072.5 / 139
Middle31834214252834450443819637531873441705183561503704953343893126631370.1 / 13375.8 / 136
Handicap1751531171913 12144101868162    
Par M/W4435454
Forward23128511449224241340016022525622951394432891163234272883142634519670.9 / 126
Handicap1751531171913 12144101868162    

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Golf at Bristow Manor Golf Club

Established in 1993, Bristow Manor Golf Club exudes colonial charm combined with some of the best course conditioning in Northern Virginia. With its luxuriously plush Zoysia-grass fairways, bent greens, and the signature 467-yard seventh hole—a par 4 locally voted as one of the Top Ten Toughest Holes in Northern Virginia—Bristow Manor Golf Club has established itself as the D.C. area’s premier daily fee course.

Located just thirty-five minutes outside of Washington D.C. amid the rolling terrain of Bristow, Virginia, this par 72 championship course measures 7,102 yards with generous fairways, undulating greens, and a picturesque eighteenth hole framed by a bunker and a pond, with the stunning Manor House as its backdrop.


Yardage Par
Championship Tees 7,120 72
Back 6,770 72
Middle 6,313 72
Forward 5,196 73



Bristow Manor Golf Club
11507 Valley View Drive
Bristow, VA 20136
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